Authors: Begum, Naheed
Siddiqa, Sadia
Hossain, M. A.
Title: Influence of Variable Thermophysical Properties on Nanofluid Bioconvection along a Vertical Isothermal Cone
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The prime purpose of this analysis is to investigate the effect of variable thermophysical properties of nano fluid on bioconvection boundary layer flow past a uniformly heated vertical cone. The governing equations with associated boundary conditions for this phenomenon are cast into a non-dimensional form via continuous transformation, which are then solved by using the implicit finite difference method. How does the phenomena of heat transfer is effected due to the temperature-dependent thermophysical properties of the fluid is the question investigated in this manuscript. Comprehensive numerical computations are carried out for wide range of the parameters that are describing the flow characteristics. The influence of the governing physical parameters on the distribution of velocity and temperature profiles, wall skin friction and local rate of heat transfer is explored. Tabular comparison with some special cases of published data is done and good agreement is found. It is recorded that, the variable thermophysical properties of the fluid are more likely to promote the rate of heat transfer, Q_w as compared to fluid having constant properties.
Subject Headings: nano fluid
vertical cone
gyrotactic microorganisms
variable thermophysical properties
Issue Date: 2016-12
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