Authors: Mierka, Otto
Munir, Maimoona
Spille, Claas
Timmermann, Jens
Schlüter, Michael
Turek, Stefan
Title: Reactive Flow Simulation of Micromixers Based On Grid Deformation Techniques
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Process intensification of engineering applications in the framework of reacting flows in micromixer devices attracts the attention of engineers and scientists from various fields. With the steadily increasing available computational resources the traditional experimentally supported investigations may be extended by computational ones. For this purpose, a simulation framework based on state of the art numerical techniques extended with special grid deformation techniques has been developed. Its validation in terms of comparison with computational and experimental results in reacting, as well as in non-reacting frameworks has been performed on the basis of the T-mixer, and SuperFocus mixer, respectively. The computational efficiency of the developed tool is shown to be applicable for optimization tasks, such as reverse engineering purposes.
Subject Headings: grid deformation
reactive liquid flow
one-way coupling
stationary simulation
Issue Date: 2017-01
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