Authors: Al-Rashed, Abdullah A. A. A.
Siddiqa, Sadia
Begum, Naheed
Hossain, Anwar Md.
Title: Natural convection of gas along a vertical wavy surface with effect of variable thermophysical properties
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The intent of this paper is to establish the detailed parametric study for laminar natural convection ow along a vertical wavy plate. Typical sinusoidal surface is used to elu- cidate the heat transport phenomena for the gas having variable thermophysical properties. From the present analysis, we will interrogate whether the presence of roughness element disturbs the gas ow and alter the physical characteristics associates with the wavy surface or not? The numerical solutions are obtained after converting the governing equations into a suitable coordinate system. The results are interpreted for the parameters which emerge from the temperature dependent physical properties of the gases and transverse curvature of the surface. In order to ensure the accuracy, the present numerical results are also compared with some special cases and are found in good agreement. The key observation from the present analysis is that the amplitude of wavy surface parameter, a contributes in reduction of heat transfer rate.
Subject Headings: natural convection
variable thermophysical properties
wavy surface
Issue Date: 2017-02
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