Authors: Hashimoto, Yoshihiro
Nakai, Yasuyuki
Kawasaki, Tetsushi
Title: Research to Current Subject in Figure Education from upper Elementary School in Japan - Effectiveness on “Kiri-E” with Origami
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: At present, from the elementary school in Japan to the middle school / senior high school curriculum of figure education, each unit is divided. There is a situation where they are not able to cooperate well. Also, the teachers do not teach in relation to teaching materials other than the educational content of textbooks, and there are many situations where it does not lead to actual activities of children and students. It is considered not to be a subjective activity of children and students; after all, it is considered not to live in subsequent learning. Through activities using "Kiri-E cut picture", children and students learned subjectively and examined ongoing learning of each unit this time. We can find family crests in Japan. There are many beautiful and refined designs in Japan, such as representing the country, organization, family and individuals. This report introduces traditional Japanese family crests from hundreds of years ago. They are still used today and symmetry plays a role in the design.
Issue Date: 2017
Provenance: Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik
Is part of: Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht 2017
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