Authors: Bloch, Witold M.
Holstein, Julian J.
Dittrich, Birger
Hiller, Wolf
Clever, Guido H.
Title: Hierarchical assembly of an interlocked M8L16 container
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The self‐assembly of eight PdII cations and sixteen phenanthrene‐derived bridging ligands with 60° bite angles yielded a novel M8L16 metallosupramolecular architecture composed of two interlocked D4h‐symmetric barrel‐shaped containers. Mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, and X‐ray analysis revealed this self‐assembled structure to be a very large “Hopf link” catenane featuring channel‐like cavities, which are occupied by NO3− anions. The importance of the anions as catenation templates became imminent when we observed the nitrate‐triggered structural rearrangement of a mixture of M3L6 and M4L8 assemblies formed in the presence of BF4− anions into the same interlocked molecule. Furthermore, the densely packed structure of the M8L16 catenane was exploited in the preparation of a hexyloxy‐functionalized analogue, which further self‐assembled into vesicle‐like aggregates in a reversible manner.
Subject Headings: Catenanes
Interlocked structures
Structural transformations
Supramolecular chemistry
Issue Date: 2018-03-22
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