Authors: Ruda, Dustin
Turek, Stefan
Zajac, Peter
Ribbrock, Dirk
Title: The Concept of Prehandling as Direct Preconditioning for Poisson-like Problems
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: To benefit from current trends in HPC hardware, such as increasing avail-ability of low precision hardware, we present the concept of prehandling as a direct way of preconditioning and the hierarchical finite element method which is exceptionally well-suited to apply prehandling to Poisson-like problems, at least in 1D and 2D. Such problems are known to cause ill-conditioned stiffness matrices and therefore high computational errors due to round-off. We show by means of numerical results that by prehandling via the hierarchical finite element method the condition number can be significantly reduced (while advantageous properties are preserved) which enables us to obtain sufficiently accurate solutions to Poisson-like problems even if lower computing precision (i.e. single or half precision format) is used.
Issue Date: 2019-12
Appears in Collections:Ergebnisberichte des Instituts für Angewandte Mathematik

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