Authors: Riedel, Natalie
Van Kamp, Irene
Köckler, Heike
Scheiner, Joachim
Loerbroks, Adrian
Claßen, Thomas
Bolte, Gabriele
Title: Cognitive-motivational determinants of residents’ civic engagement and health (inequities) in the context of noise action planning: a conceptual model
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The Environmental Noise Directive expects residents to be actively involved in localising and selecting noise abatement interventions during the noise action planning process. Its intervention impact is meant to be homogeneous across population groups. Against the background of social heterogeneity and environmental disparities, however, the impact of noise action planning on exposure to traffic-related noise and its health effects is unlikely to follow homogenous distributions. Until now, there has been no study evaluating the impact of noise action measures on the social distribution of traffic-related noise exposure and health outcomes. We develop a conceptual (logic) model on cognitive-motivational determinants of residents’ civic engagement and health (inequities) by integrating arguments from the Model on household’s Vulnerability to the local Environment, the learned helplessness model in environmental psychology, the Cognitive Activation Theory of Stress, and the reserve capacity model. Specifically, we derive four hypothetical patterns of cognitive-motivational determinants yielding different levels of sustained physiological activation and expectancies of civic engagement. These patterns may help us understand why health inequities arise in the context of noise action planning and learn how to transform noise action planning into an instrument conducive to health equity. While building on existing frameworks, our conceptual model will be tested empirically in the next stage of our research process.
Subject Headings: Residential traffic noise exposure
Noise annoyance
Behavioural outcome expectancy
Perceived behavioural control
Civic engagement
Health inequities
Environmental justice
Logic model
Subject Headings (RSWK): Lärmbelastung
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement
Soziale Ungleichheit
Issue Date: 2017-05-30
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