Authors: Schuler, Julia
Kockmann, Norbert
Title: Micro-computed tomography for the investigation of stationary liquid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces in capillaries
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: For better understanding and optimization of multiphase flow in miniaturized devices, micro‐computed tomography (μCT) is a promising visualization tool, as it is nondestructive, three‐dimensional, and offers a high spatial resolution. Today, computed tomography (CT) is a standard imaging technique. However, using CT in microfluidics is still challenging, since X‐ray related artifacts, low phase contrast, and limited spatial resolution complicate the exact localization of interfaces. We apply μCT for the characterization of stationary interfaces in thin capillaries. The entire workflow for imaging stationary interfaces in capillaries, from image acquisition to the analysis of interfaces, is presented. Special emphasis is given to an in‐house developed segmentation routine. For demonstration purposes, contact angles of water, liquid polydimethylsiloxane, and air in FEP, glass, and PMMA are determined and the influence of gravity on interface formation is discussed. This work comprises the first steps for a systematic 3D investigation of multiphase flows in capillaries using μCT.
Subject Headings: Contact angle
Micro-computed tomography
Issue Date: 2019-12-14
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