Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign : [20]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-14Gas-liquid mass transfer intensification for bubble generation and breakup in micronozzlesReichmann, Felix; Herath, Jakob; Mensing, Lena; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-02-18Application of polyimide-based microfluidic devices on acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of dimethoxypropaneBobers, Jens; Forys, Elisabeth; Oldach, Bastian; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-03-10Software-guided microfluidic reaction calorimeter based on thermoelectric modulesFrede, Timothy Aljoscha; Burke, Inga; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-03-15Digital image processing of gas-liquid reactions in coiled capillariesGrühn, Julia; Vogel, Marius; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-04-203D investigations of microscale mixing in helically coiled capillariesSchuler, Julia; Herath, Jakob; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-07-13Characterization of an automated spinning-band column as a module for laboratory distillationBittorf, Lukas; Böttger, Nils; Neumann, Daniel; Winter, Alina; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-09-15Machine learning based suggestions of separation units for process synthesis in process simulationOeing, Jonas; Henke, Fabian; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-10-13Flooding prevention in distillation and extraction columns with aid of machine learning approachesOeing, Jonas; Neuendorf, Laura Maria; Bittorf, Lukas; Krieger, Waldemar; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-11-15Towards a systematic data harmonization to enable AI application in the process industryWiedau, Michael; Tolksdorf, Gregor; Oeing, Jonas; Kockmann, Norbert
2020-02-06Investigations on selectivity of gas-liquid reactions in capillariesGrühn, Julia; Burke, Inga; Neuhaus, Nadine; Kockmann, Norbert
2020-02-20Arduino-based slider setup for gas–liquid mass transfer investigationsKrieger, Waldemar; Bayraktar, Evren; Mierka, Otto; Kaiser, Lutz; Dinter, Robin; Hennekes, Julian; Turek, Stefan; Kockmann, Norbert
2020-04-30Entwurf und Betrieb eines Rohrreaktors mit enger VerweilzeitverteilungKockmann, Norbert
2020-11-01Micro‐computed tomography for the 3D time‐resolved investigation of monodisperse droplet generation in a co‐flow setupSchuler, Julia; Neuendorf, Laura Maria; Petersen, Kai; Kockmann, Norbert
2020-11-11Der Schnellstart in die digitale Lehre unter Corona‐RandbedingungenKockmann, Norbert
2021-01-21Efficient short-cut method for determining the process window in stirred-pulsed extraction columnsSchmalenberg, Mira; Frede, Timothy Aljoscha; Mathias, Christopher; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-03-15Software-guided microscale flow calorimeter for efficient acquisition of thermokinetic dataFrede, Timothy Aljoscha; Dietz, Marlene; Kockmann, Norbert
2021-03-24Nucleation in continuous flow cooling sonocrystallization for coiled capillary crystallizersSchmalenberg, Mira; Weick, Lena K.; Kockmann, Norbert
2019-12-14Micro-computed tomography for the investigation of stationary liquid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces in capillariesSchuler, Julia; Kockmann, Norbert
2020-01-09Design and hydrodynamic characterization of a draft tube baffle tank for lab-scaleSchmalenberg, Mira; Nocon, Anna-Katharina; Kockmann, Norbert
2017-10-12Energy optimization of gas–liquid dispersion in micronozzles assisted by design of experimentReichmann, Felix; Varel, Fabian; Kockmann, Norbert
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20