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dc.description.abstractInitializing quantum registers with high fidelity is a fundamental precondition for many applications like quantum information processing and sensing. The electronic and nuclear spins of a Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center in diamond form an interesting hybrid quantum register that can be initialized by a combination of laser, microwave, and radio-frequency pulses. However, the laser illumination, which is necessary for achieving electron spin polarization, also has the unwanted sideeffect of depolarizing the nuclear spin. Here, we study how the depolarization dynamics of the 14N nuclear spin depends on the laser wavelength. We show experimentally that excitation with an orange laser (594 nm) causes signifficantly less nuclear spin depolarization compared to the green laser (532 nm) typically used for excitation and hence leads to higher nuclear spin polarization. This could be because orange light excitation inhibits ionization of NV^0 into NV^_ and therefore suppresses one source of noise acting on the nuclear spin.de
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPhysical review A;Vol. 101. 2020, Issue 1 | S. 013835_1-013835_7-
dc.titleOptimal photon energies for initialization of hybrid spin quantum registers of NV centers in diamondde
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eldorado.secondarypublication.primarycitationPhysical review A. Jg.: 101, Heft: 1 | S. 013835_1-013835_7de
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