Authors: Lohmann, Christoph
Title: An algebraic flux correction scheme facilitating the use of Newton-like solution strategies
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Building on recent advances in the analysis and design of algebraic flux correction (AFC) schemes, new differentiable limiter functions are constructed for efficient nonlinear solution strategies. The proposed scaling parameters are used to limit artificial diffusion operators incorporated into the residual of a high order target scheme to produce accurate and bound-preserving finite element approximations to hyperbolic problems. Due to this stabilization procedure, the occurring system becomes highly nonlinear and the efficient computation of corresponding solutions is a challenging task. The presented regularization approach makes the AFC residual twice continuously differentiable so that Newton’s method converges quadratically for suÿciently good initial guesses. Furthermore, the performance of each nonlinear iteration is improved by expressing the Jacobian as the sum and product of matrices having the same sparsity pattern as the Galerkin system matrix. Eventually, the AFC methodology constructed for stationary problems is extended to transient test cases and validated numerically by applying it to several numerical benchmarks.
Subject Headings: algebraic flux correction
linearity preservation
Newton-like methods
Issue Date: 2020-04
Appears in Collections:Ergebnisberichte des Instituts für Angewandte Mathematik

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