Authors: Schuler, Julia
Neuendorf, Laura Maria
Petersen, Kai
Kockmann, Norbert
Title: Micro‐computed tomography for the 3D time‐resolved investigation of monodisperse droplet generation in a co‐flow setup
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Droplet generation in microfluidic devices has emerged as a promising approach for the design of highly controllable processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. However, droplet generation is still not fully understood due to the complexity of the underlying physics. In this work, micro‐computed tomography is applied to investigate droplet formation in a circular channel in a co‐flow configuration at different flow conditions (Ca < 0.001). The application of an in‐house developed scanning protocol assisted by comprehensive image processing allows for the time‐resolved investigation of droplet formation. By tracking different droplet parameters (length, radii, volume, surface, Laplace pressure) the effect of flow conditions on droplet progression is determined. As characteristic for the squeezing regime, final droplet size was nearly independent of Ca for higher Ca tested. For lower Ca, the final droplet size increased with decreasing Ca, which points to the leaking regime that was recently introduced in the literature.
Issue Date: 2020-11-01
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