Authors: Tymann, Dina Christina
Benedix, Lars
Iovkova, Lyuba
Pallach, Roman
Henke, Sebastian
Tymann, David
Hiersemann, Martin
Title: Photochemical approach to the cyclohepta[b]indole scaffold by annulative two-carbon ring-expansion
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We report on the implementation of the concept of a photochemically elicited two-carbon homologation of a π-donor–π-acceptor substituted chromophore by triple-bond insertion. Implementing a phenyl connector between the slide-in module and the chromophore enabled the synthesis of cylohepta[b]indole-type building blocks by a metal-free annulative one-pot two-carbon ring expansion of the five-membered chromophore. Post-irradiative structural elaboration provided founding members of the indolo[2,3-d]tropone family of compounds. Control experiments in combination with computational chemistry on this multibond reorganization process founded the basis for a mechanistic hypothesis.
Subject Headings: Cascade reactions
Ring expansion
Issue Date: 2020-05-28
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