Authors: Altmann, Jürgen
Suter, Dieter
Title: Survey of the Status of Small and Very Small Missiles
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The project ‘Preventive Arms Control for Small and Very Small Armed Aircraft and Missiles’ investigates the properties of ever smaller aircraft and missiles. This project report no. 2 covers the status of missiles worldwide. Small and very small missiles are defined by diameter: below 69 mm and up to 40 mm, respectively. After an explanation of missile classes and typical properties, a short introduction into rocket propulsion and aerodynamics is given. A technical overview describes the components of a missile. A few example types are shown and potential military uses are discussed. The worldwide survey has resulted in a database that contains 50 types from 17 countries. The publicly available properties are given in 24 categories. Statistical evaluations cover several key parameters.
Subject Headings: missile
arms control
Subject Headings (RSWK): Rüstungskontrolle
Issue Date: 2022-02
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