Authors: Lee, Dahae
Title: Public space in transition
Other Titles: Co-production and co-management of privately owned public space in Seoul and Berlin
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Teheran-ro in Seoul and Mediaspree area in Berlin are pristine examples for public spaces with a history of rapid change in the context of broader political and economic transitions. Dahae Lee shows that in such a transitional context, the public sector alone is incapable to provide and manage public space. Hence, it engages private sector entities in the form of privately owned public space/s (POPS). By analysing the planning instruments used for POPS in both cases, their uniqueness as well as strengths and weaknesses are revealed. Based on the results this study offers a number of policy recommendations for cities that encounter similar problems. License: CC-BY (applies to online archiving as well) Text to the license: DOI:
Subject Headings (RSWK): Öffentlicher Raum
Issue Date: 2022
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