Authors: Kirstein, E.
Yakovlev, D. R.
Glazov, M. M.
Zhukov, E. A.
Kudlacik, D.
Kalitukha, I. V.
Sapega, V. F.
Dimitriev, G. S.
Semina, M. A.
Nestoklon, M. O.
Ivchenko, E. L.
Kopteva, N. E.
Dirin, D. N.
Nazarenko, O.
Kovalenko, M. V.
Baumann, A.
Höcker, J.
Dyakonov, V.
Bayer, M.
Title: The Landé factors of electrons and holes in lead halide perovskites: universal dependence on the band gap
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The Landé or g-factors of charge carriers are decisive for the spin-dependent phenomena in solids and provide also information about the underlying electronic band structure. We present a comprehensive set of experimental data for values and anisotropies of the electron and hole Landé factors in hybrid organic-inorganic (MAPbI3, MAPb(Br0.5Cl0.5)3, MAPb(Br0.05Cl0.95)3, FAPbBr3, FA0.9Cs0.1PbI2.8Br0.2, MA=methylammonium and FA=formamidinium) and all-inorganic (CsPbBr3) lead halide perovskites, determined by pump-probe Kerr rotation and spin-flip Raman scattering in magnetic fields up to 10 T at cryogenic temperatures. Further, we use first-principles density functional theory (DFT) calculations in combination with tight-binding and k ⋅ p approaches to calculate microscopically the Landé factors. The results demonstrate their universal dependence on the band gap energy across the different perovskite material classes, which can be summarized in a universal semi-phenomenological expression, in good agreement with experiment.
Subject Headings: Magneto-optics
Quantum mechanics
Ultrafast photonics
Issue Date: 2022-06-02
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