Authors: Heuer, Herbert
Seegelke, Christian
Wühr, Peter
Title: Staggered onsets of processing relevant and irrelevant stimulus features produce different dynamics of congruency effects
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The dynamics of congruency effects in conflict tasks can be analyzed by means of delta plots which depict the reaction-time differences between incongruent and congruent conditions across the quantiles of the reaction-time distributions. Delta plots exhibit a variety of different shapes. Here we test the hypothesis that staggered onsets of processing task-relevant and task-irrelevant features for response selection (together with a declining influence of the irrelevant feature) produce such variety. For this purpose, staggered onsets were implemented in two extensions of the Leaky, Competing Accumulator model. We show the cardinal capability of these models to produce different shapes of delta plots with different assumptions about temporal offsets between processing relevant and irrelevant stimulus features. Applying the models to experimental data, we first show that they can reproduce the delta plots observed with a conflict task with stimulus size as the irrelevant feature. For this task congruency effects are delayed and appear only at longer reaction times. Second, we fit the models to the results of two new Simon-task experiments with an experimentally controlled temporal offset in addition to the internal one. The experimentally induced variations of the shape of delta plots for this task could be reasonably well fitted by one of the two models that assumed an early start of response selection as soon as either the relevant or the irrelevant stimulus feature becomes available. We conclude that delta plots are crucially shaped by staggered onsets of processing relevant and irrelevant features for response selection.
Subject Headings: Action and perception
Mathematical modeling
Response speed
Subject Headings (RSWK): Wahrnehmung
Issue Date: 2023-01-13
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