Authors: Suter, Dieter
Savitsky, Anton
Judd, Martyna
Jolley, Greg
Cox, Nicholas
Title: Dielectric coupler for general purpose Q-band EPR cavity
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Here, we report on a robust and efficient mechanism for tuning the microwave coupling of a Q-band (34 GHz), general purpose, cylindrical EPR cavity operating in the TE011 mode. This novel mechanism allows for both the adjustment of the cavity’s coupling over a wide frequency range, as well as its bandwidth from that of a high-Q cavity (about 10 MHz), to a broadband cavity (above 1 GHz). The coupling element consists of a dielectric plate fixed onto a movable waveguide short that allows for two modes of operation. In the first mode, the dielectric plate does not influence the resonance properties of the coupling iris and allows for precise, critical coupling of the high-Q cavity. In the second mode, the dielectric plate is positioned in front of the coupling iris, varying the iris’ resonance properties and allowing very strong overcoupling to be achieved. This mechanism can be generalized for other types of EPR cavities, in particular at high microwave frequencies.
Issue Date: 2021-08-19
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