Authors: Steinmayr, Ricarda
Paschke, Patrick
Wirthwein, Linda
Title: Elementary school students’ subjective well-being before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal study
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: First empirical results indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has a negative impact on adolescents’ and adults’ subjective well-being. In the present study we focus on the subjective well-being of elementary school children before and after the first pandemic-related school lockdown and examine if possible declines in subjective well-being are especially pronounced for some groups, considering socio-economic status, migration background, and gender as moderators. We tested N = 425 elementary school students (mean age: M = 8.19; SD = 1.04) longitudinally with four measurement points (three before the school lockdown and one after) regarding their general life satisfaction, mood, and domain satisfaction regarding peers, family, and school. Piecewise growth curve models revealed a significant decline in positive mood and in satisfaction with the family. Decline in life satisfaction and satisfaction with peers nearly missed significance. The investigated moderators had no impact on the changes in subjective well-being. We conclude that the pandemic had detrimental effects on young children’s subjective well-being.
Subject Headings: COVID-19 pandemic
Subjective well-being
Life satisfaction
Issue Date: 2022-05-11
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