Authors: Tappertzhofen, Stefan
Braeuninger-Weimer, P.
Gumprich, Alexander
Chirca, I.
Potočnik, T.
Alexander-Webber, J. A.
Hofmann, S.
Title: Transfer-free graphene passivation of sub 100 nm thin Pt and Pt–Cu electrodes for memristive devices
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Memristive switches are among the most promising building blocks for future neuromorphic computing. These devices are based on a complex interplay of redox reactions on the nanoscale. Nanoionic phenomena enable non-linear and low-power resistance transition in ultra-short programming times. However, when not controlled, the same electrochemical reactions can result in device degradation and instability over time. Two-dimensional barriers have been suggested to precisely manipulate the nanoionic processes. But fabrication-friendly integration of these materials in memristive devices is challenging.Here we report on a novel process for graphene passivation of thin platinum and platinum/copper electrodes. We also studied the level of defects of graphene after deposition of selected oxides that are relevant for memristive switching.
Subject Headings: Chemical vapor deposition
2D material
Adhesion layer
Memristive switching
Issue Date: 2023-02-24
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