Authors: Yaremkevich, Dmytro D.
Scherbakov, Alexey V.
De Clerk, Luke
Kukhtaruk, Serhii M.
Nadzeyka, Achim
Campion, Richard
Rushforth, Andrew W.
Savel'ev, Sergey
Balanov, Alexander G.
Bayer, Manfred
Title: On-chip phonon-magnon reservoir for neuromorphic computing
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Reservoir computing is a concept involving mapping signals onto a high-dimensional phase space of a dynamical system called “reservoir” for subsequent recognition by an artificial neural network. We implement this concept in a nanodevice consisting of a sandwich of a semiconductor phonon waveguide and a patterned ferromagnetic layer. A pulsed write-laser encodes input signals into propagating phonon wavepackets, interacting with ferromagnetic magnons. The second laser reads the output signal reflecting a phase-sensitive mix of phonon and magnon modes, whose content is highly sensitive to the write- and read-laser positions. The reservoir efficiently separates the visual shapes drawn by the write-laser beam on the nanodevice surface in an area with a size comparable to a single pixel of a modern digital camera. Our finding suggests the phonon-magnon interaction as a promising hardware basis for realizing on-chip reservoir computing in future neuromorphic architectures.
Subject Headings: Ferromagnetism
Information technology
Surfaces, interfaces and thin films
Issue Date: 2023-12-14
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