ICHSF 2018 : [41]

The 8th International Conference on High Speed Forming (ICHSF 2018) will be held at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio May 14-16. The conference is jointly organized by the Ohio State University College of Engineering and the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components of TU Dortmund University. The Scientific Committee will be managed through the structures of the International Impulse Forming Group. This conference will be a forum to demonstrate technical innovation and show its direct impact on economic development and the sustainable manufacture of products.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-14Magnetic pulse forming of smalls aeronautic piecesSow, C.; Bazin, G.; Daniel, D.; Bon, E.; Priem, D.; Racineux, G.
2018-05-14Fully coupled semi-analytical model for an electromagnetic-mechanical-thermal problem of a ring expansion testYang, K.; Sapanathan, T.; Raoelison, R. N.; Buiron, N.; Rachik, M.
2018-05-15Analysis of the Weld Seam Area of Magnetic Pulse Welded Aluminium-Steel-Sheet-Connections on its Suitability as a Sign of QualitySchumacher, E.; Kümper, S.; Kryukov, I.; Böhm, S.
2018-05-15Investigations on Shock Waves during Collision WeldingNiessen, B.; Siegel, M.; Groche, P.
2018-05-14Forming limit curves for quasi-static and dynamic working-media-based forming processesDjakow, E.; Homberg, W.; Springer, R.
2018-05-15Effects of Reactive Interlayers in Magnetic Pulse WeldingBellmann, J.; Lueg-Althoff, J.; Schulze, S.; Gies, S.; Beyer, E.; Tekkaya, A. E.
2018-05-14First Results of Superconducting RF (SRF) Cavity Fabrication by Electrohydraulic FormingCantergiani, E.; Avrillaud, G.; Abajo Clemente, C.; Atieh, S.; Favre, G.; Deroy, J.; Raveleau, F.
2018-05-15Identification of additional process parameters for impact welding and their influence on the process windowPabst, C.; Pasquale, P.
2018-05-14New Methods to Speed-up the Boundary Element Method in LS-DYNAL‘Eplattenier, Pierre; Ashcraft, Cleve; Rouet, François-Henry; Weisbecker, Clement; Bateau-Meyer, Sarah
2018-05-15Crash and Durability of Aluminum and Mixed Steel Aluminum Joints Made by Electromagnetic Pulse WeldingHuberth, F.; Klitschke, S.; Gall, M.; Sommer, S.; Schnabel, K.; Baumgartner, J.
2018-05-14Characterization of High-Speed Flyer Evolution by Multi-Probe Photon Doppler VelocimetryLee, T.; Taber, G.; Vivek, A.; Daehn, G. S.
2018-05-15Influence of the Free Compression Stage on Magnetic Pulse Welding of TubesLueg-Althoff, J.; Schilling, B.; Bellmann, J.; Gies, S.; Schulze, S.; Tekkaya, A. E.; Beyer, E.
2018-05-14Plasma Induced On Indenter BallsCzotscher, T.; Vollertsen, F.
2018-05-14Application of Electrohydraulic Forming for low volume and prototype partsGolovashchenko, S. F.; Mamutov, A. V.; Mamutov, V. S.
2018-05-14Numerical Simulation and Experiments for Dynamic Material Properties of Aluminium Alloy in SHPB Experiment using Pulse Shaping MethodKim, J.; Kim, Y. H.; Kang, B. S.; Woo, M. A.; Koo, T. W.
2018-05-14Utilizing a Meso Scale Limited Dome Test to Study the Effect of Strain Rate on the Formability of Commercial Pure Titanium Grade Two FoilGau, J.-T.; Zhang, K.; Wang, Z.
2018-05-15Interfacial Morphology Prediction of Impact Welding by Eulerian MethodZhang, Shunyi; Kinsey, Brad
2018-05-14Electrohydraulic extrusion of spherical bronze (CuSn6) micro samplesLangstädtler, L.; Pegel, H.; Herrmann, M.; Schenck, C.; Stöbener, D.; Westerkamp, J. F.; Fischer, A.; Kuhfuss, B.
2018-05-14Analysis of electromagnetic field generated by a magnetic pulse joining machineSofi, K.; Hamzaoui, M.; El Idrissi, H.; Nait Sidi Moh, A.; Hamzaoui, A.
2018-05-14Ultrasonic Assessment of Permanent Joints of Powder Metallurgy Parts Obtained by Pulsed Electromagnetic FieldTatarinov, A.; Mironov, V.; Kolbe, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41