Authors: Gunčaga, Ján
Title: Some aspects of thinking of Jakub Kresa for development of school mathematics
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This article makes an excursion into the history of mathematics, which is used in school mathematics. We would like to describe some components of mathematical notions developed by Jakub Kresa (1648-1715). We would like to compare his work with another two big mathematicians Isaac Newton (1643 -1727) and René Descartes (1596-1650), because it is possible to see some similarities in topics of their works. Isaac Newton wrote separately arithmetic and algebra in Arithmetica universalis, but in his work Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica he used only geometry. René Descartes integrates the knowledge from algebra, arithmetic and geometry in his work La Geometrie and in a similar way, Jakub Kresa described the mathematical theory in his work Analysis speciose trigonometriae sphaericae.
Issue Date: 2017
Provenance: Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik
Is part of: Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht 2017
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