Authors: Schleicher, Bernd
Arbet-Engels, Axel
Baack, Dominik
Balbo, Matteo
Biland, Adrian
Blank, Michael
Bretz, Thomas
Bruegge, Kai
Bulinski, Michael
Buss, Jens
Doerr, Manuel
Dorner, Daniela
Elsaesser, Dominik
Grischagin, Sergej
Hildebrand, Dorothee
Linhoff, Lena
Mannheim, Karl
Mueller, Sebastian Achim
Neise, Dominik
Neronov, Andrii
Noethe, Maximilian
Paravac, Aleksander
Rhode, Wolfgang
Schulz, Florian
Sedlaczek, Kevin
Shukla, Amit
Sliusar, Vitalii
Willert, Elan von
Walter, Roland
Title: Fractional variability—a tool to study blazar variability
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Active Galactic Nuclei emit radiation over the whole electromagnetic spectrum up to TeV energies. Blazars are one subtype with their jets pointing towards the observer. One of their typical features is extreme variability on timescales, from minutes to years. The fractional variability is an often used parameter for investigating the degree of variability of a light curve. Different detection methods and sensitivities of the instruments result in differently binned data and light curves with gaps. As they can influence the physics interpretation of the broadband variability, the effects of these differences on the fractional variability need to be studied. In this paper, we study the systematic effects of completeness in time coverage and the sampling rate. Using public data from instruments monitoring blazars in various energy ranges, we study the variability of the bright TeV blazars Mrk 421 and Mrk 501 over the electromagnetic spectrum, taking into account the systematic effects, and compare our findings with previous results. Especially in the TeV range, the fractional variability is higher than in previous studies, which can be explained by the much longer (seven years compared to few weeks) and more complete data sample.
Subject Headings: Blazars
Fractional variability
Active galactic nuclei
Subject Headings (RSWK): Blazar
Aktiver galaktischer Kern
Issue Date: 2019-05-30
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