Experimentelle Physik V : [70]


Experimente an CERN, SLAC und DESY (BABAR, LHCb, H1), Astroteilchenphysik (Experimente AMANDA und MAGIC), Detektorentwicklung, Medizinphysik

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Flavour-tagged measurement of CP observables in B 0 s -> D∓ s K± decays with the LHCb experimentSpaan, Bernhard; Eitschberger, Ulrich Paul; Kröninger, Kevin
2018The LHCb SciFi Tracker: studies on scintillating fibres and development of quality assurance procedures for the SciFi serial productionSpaan, Bernhard; Menne, Janine; Kröninger, Kevin
2016The quest for very high energy ɣ-raysRhode, Wolfgang; Thaele, Julia; Westphal, Carsten
2017Studies for the LHCb SciFi trackerAlbrecht, Johannes; Gavardi, Laura; Kröninger, Kevin
2017The data mining guide to the galaxyRhode, Wolfgang; Einecke, Sabrina; Westphal, Carsten
2016On the hunt for photons: analysis of Crab Nebula data obtained by the first G-APD Cherenkov telescopeRhode, Wolfgang; Temme, Thomas Fabian; Kröninger, Kevin
2016Measurements of sin 2β using charmonium and open charm decays at LHCbSpaan, Bernhard; Meier, Frank; Kröninger, Kevin
2016Charmante Myonen im EisRhode, Wolfgang; Fuchs, Tomasz; Tjus, Julia
2016Studies for the LHCb SciFi TrackerSpaan, Bernhard; Ekelhof, Robert Jan; Klingenberg, Reiner
Jan-2016Röntgen- Photoelektronenspektroskopie mit Silizium-PhotomultipliernRhode, Wolfgang; Schennetten, Kai; Westphal, Carsten
2015Scintillating fibre and silicon photomultiplier studies for the LHCb upgradeSpaan, Bernhard; Deckenhoff, Mirco; Klingenberg, Reiner
2015Precision tests of the Standard Model using key observables of CP violation and rare decaysSpaan, Bernhard; Schlupp, Maximilian; Kröninger, Kevin
2015First measurement of CP violation in B0 𝙨 → J/𝟁K0 S decays with the LHCb experimentSpaan, Bernhard; Kruse, Florian; Klingenberg, Reiner
2015Precision measurement of the CKM parameter sin(𝟮𝝱) with the LHCb experimentSpaan, Bernhard; Cauet, Christophe Arnold Augustin; Kröninger, Kevin
26-Jun-2015Von der Monte-Carlo-Produktion zur DatenanalyseRhode, Wolfgang; Frantzen, Katharina; Westphal, Carsten
2015Messages from a Black HoleRhode, Wolfgang; Overkemping, Ann-Kristin; Stolze, Joachim
2015A data processing firmware for an upgrade of the Outer Tracker detector at the LHCb experimentSpaan, Bernhard; Swientek, Stefan; Klingenberg, Reiner
2014Data-Mining in der AstroteilchenphysikRhode, Wolfgang; Scheriau, Florian; Tolan, Metin
29-Sep-2014Neuartige Boten aus dem AllRhode, Wolfgang; Schmitz, Martin; Westphal, Carsten
23-May-2014Development of the Monte Carlo event generator tuning software package Lagrange and its application to tune the PYTHIA model to the LHCb dataSchmelling, Michael; Popov, Dmitry; Hofmann, Werner
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 70