Authors: Manganaro, Marina
Pedaletti, Giovanna
Doert, Marlene
Bastieri, Denis
Ramazani, Vandad Fallah
Gasparrini, Dario
Lindfors, Elina
Lott, Benoit
Nievas, Mireia
Rani, Bindu
Thompson, David J.
Angelakis, Emmanouil
Borman, George
Gurwell, Mark
Hovatta, Talvikki
Itoh, Ryosuke
Jorstad, Svetlana
Kraus, Alex
Krichbaum, Thomas P.
Kuin, Paul
Lähteenmäki, Anne
Larionov, Valeri
Lien, Amy Yarleen
Myserlis, Ioannis
Tornikoski, Merja
Troitsky, Ivan
Zensus, J. Anton
Title: Multiwavelength picture of the blazar S5 0716+714 during its brightest outburst
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: S5 0716+714 is a well known BL Lac object, and one of the brightest and most active blazars. The discovery in the Very High Energy band (VHE, E > 100 GeV) by MAGIC happened in 2008. In January 2015, the source went through the brightest optical state ever observed, triggering MAGIC follow-up and a VHE detection with ∼ 13σ significance (ATel ♯6999 ). Rich multiwavelength coverage of the flare allowed us to construct the broad-band spectral energy distribution of S5 0716+714 during its brightest outburst. In this work, we will present the preliminary analysis of MAGIC and Fermi-LAT data of the flaring activity in January and February 2015 for the HE (0.1 < HE < 300 GeV) and VHE band, together with radio (Metsähovi, OVRO, VLBA, Effelsberg), sub-millimeter (SMA), optical (Tuorla, Perkins, Steward, AZT-8+ST7, LX-200, Kanata), X-ray and UV (Swift-XRT and UVOT), in the same time-window and discuss the time variability of the multiwavelength light curves during this impressive outburst.
Subject Headings: BL Lacertae objects: individual: S5 0716+714
Galaxies: active
Gamma-rays: galaxies
Issue Date: 2016-11-24
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