Authors: Muñoz‐López, Alvaro
Jung, Anne
Buchmuller, Benjamin
Wolffgramm, Jan
Maurer, Sara
Witte, Anna
Summerer, Daniel
Title: Engineered TALE repeats for enhanced imaging-based analysisof cellular 5-Methylcytosine
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Two‐TALE test: Engineered transcription‐activator‐like effector (TALE) repeats can be used to design programmable receptors for improved in situ imaging‐based analysis of 5 mC in user‐defined DNA sequences. Pairs of natural 5 mC‐discriminating and engineered 5 mC‐binding TALEs allow nucleotide resolution analysis of 5 mC with response of both TALEs. This provides an impulse for the design of programmable imaging probes for studying 5 mC functions in chromatin regulation with increased dynamic range.
Subject Headings: DNA methylation
Imaging probes
Membrane-less organelles
Issue Date: 2020-09-20
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