Authors: Viesel-Nordmeyer, Nurit
Röhm, Alexander
Starke, Anja
Ritterfeld, Ute
Title: How language skills and working memory capacities explain mathematical learning from preschool to primary school age: insights from a longitudinal study
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Between the age span of 3 to 6 years the foundation for children’s mathematical learning (i.e., numerical abilities and cognition) are laid. However, the developing relations between mathematical skills, language, and working memory starting at preschool age and evolving into primary school age are not well understood. Adopting an empirically validated analysis model, the present study examines in detail longitudinal interdependencies between mathematical skills, a wide range of language skills, and working memory components underlying the mathematical learning process of 41 German preschool children (41.5% female) spanning ages 4 to 6. Phonological processing skills and expressive grammar skills emerged as the most significant language skills for the process of children’s mathematical learning across the investigated age span. Within the latter, children’s phonological processing skills and expressive grammar skills were supported by children’s word expression abilities. The phonological loop emerged as the most important working memory component for children’s early mathematical learning between ages 4 to 6. Furthermore, a wide array of language skills were associated with complex information and storage processes within this mathematical learning process. In conclusion, the present findings provide a more detailed and deeper insight into the learning process of children’s number concept, emphasizing the influence of phonological and particularly grammatical skills.
Subject Headings: Language
Working memory
Human learning
Language acquisition
Subject Headings (RSWK): Phonologie
Issue Date: 2022-06-24
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