Authors: Pape, Sebastian
Fernández García, M.
Moll, M.
Montero, R.
Palomo, F.R.
Vila, I.
Wiehe, M.
Title: Characterisation of irradiated and non-irradiated silicon sensors with a table-top two photon absorption TCT system
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A tabletop Two Photon Absorption-Transient Current Technique (TPA-TCT) set-up built at CERN was used to investigate a non-irradiated PIN diode, an irradiated PIN diode, and a non-irradiated 5 × 5-multipad HPK LGAD. The intrinsic three dimensional spatial resolution of this method is demonstrated under normal incidence of the laser probe. A charge collection versus depth profile of the non-irradiated PIN diode is presented, where reflection on the rear silicon-air interface was observed. It is found that the time-over-threshold versus depth profile is particularly suitable to determine the boundaries of the DUT's active volume. A depth scan of the irradiated PIN diode is discussed and a method to omit the single photon absorption background is presented. Finally, a charge collection measurement in the inter-pad region of the 5 × 5-multipad HPK LGAD is presented and it is demonstrated that TPA-TCT can be used to image the implantation and the electric field of segmented silicon devices in a three dimensional manner.
Subject Headings: Radiation damage evaluation methods
Solid state detectors
Radiation damage to detector materials (solid state)
Issue Date: 2022-08-16
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