Experimentelle Physik IV : [48]


Experimente am CERN (NOMAD, ATLAS, HARP), Siliziumdetektorentwicklung

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022With bottom-up to the top and beyondKröninger, Kevin; Sedlaczek, Kevin; Albrecht, Johannes
2022Nuclear physics in proton therapy: new approaches for proton beam range verification using delayed gamma-raysKröninger, Kevin; Bäcker, Claus Maximilian; Bäumer, Christian
2022The silicon strip detector of the ATLAS Inner Tracker: from individual sensing units to multi-module petal structuresKröninger, Kevin; Renardi, Alessia; Gregor, Ingrid-Maria
2021-08-02Experimental consolidation and absolute measurement of the nat C(p,x)11 C nuclear activation cross section at 100 MeV for particle therapy physicsBäcker, Claus Maximilian; Horst, Felix; Adi, Wihan; Bäumer, Christian; Gerhardt, Marcel; Jentzen, Walter; Kazek, Sandra Laura; Kröninger, Kevin; Schuy, Christoph; Verbeek, Nico; Weingarten, Jens; Wulff, Jörg; Timmermann, Beate
2021Development of tools for Bayesian data analysis and their application in the search for physics beyond the Standard ModelKröninger, Kevin; Grunwald, Cornelius; Caldwell, Allen
2021Development and calibration of an s-tagging algorithm and its application to constrain the CKM matrix elements |Vts| and |Vtd| in top-quark decays using ATLAS Run-2 DataKröninger, Kevin; Zeißner, Sonja Verena; Albrecht, Johannes
2020-03-30Study of interference effects in the search for flavour-changing neutral current interactions involving the top quark and a photon or a Z boson at the LHCBarros, Maura; Castro, Nuno Filipe; Erdmann, Johannes; Geßner, Gregor; Kröninger, Kevin; La Cagnina, Salvatore; Peixoto, Ana
2020A selection framework for LHCb’s upgrade triggerAlbrecht, Johannes; Nolte, Niklas; Erdmann, Johannes
2020Investigations of planar n+-in-n ATLAS silicon sensors with modified pixel implantationsKröninger, Kevin; Wagner, Mareike; Rhode, Wolfgang
2020First evidence of standard model pp → tttt production and performance studies of the ATLAS tile calorimeter for HL-LHCKröninger, Kevin; Rustige, Lennart; Meyer, Andreas
2020Searches for vector-like quarks with 13 TeV at the ATLAS experiment and development of a boosted-object tagger using a deep neural networkKröninger, Kevin; Freundlich, Elena M.; Rhode, Wolfgang
2020Detection and identification of electrons and photonsKröninger, Kevin; Arling, Jan-Hendrik; Gregor, Ingrid-Maria
2020High temperature thermoluminescence peaks – influence on the albedo principle for personal dosimetry and benefits for the new TL-DOS neutron dosemeterKröninger, Kevin; Heiny, Myriam; Westphal, Carsten
2019Temperature scaling of leakage current in irradiated silicon sensorsKröninger, Kevin; Wizemann, Felix; Albrecht, Johannes
2019Search for flavour-changing neutral currents in processes with a single top quark in association with a photon using a deep neural network at the ATLAS experiment at √s = 13TeVKröninger, Kevin; Geßner, Gregor; Wagner, Wolfgang
2019-12-06The COBRA extended demonstrator – conception, characterization, commissioningKröninger, Kevin; Temminghoff, Robert; Rhode, Wolfgang
2019Search for Higgs boson production in association with a single top quark and constraints on the H+b-jets background in the H → γγ decay channel at the ATLAS experimentKröninger, Kevin; Nitsche, Isabel; Rhode, Wolfgang
2018Completion of the muon veto for the Dortmund Low Background Facility and proton activation measurements on irradiated metals from proton beam therapyKröninger, Kevin; Nitsch, Christian; Rhode, Wolfgang
2018Quad module prototypes and design improvement studies of planar n+-in-n silicon pixel sensors for the ATLAS Inner Tracker upgradeKröninger, Kevin; Gisen, Andreas; Weis, Thomas; Rhode, Wolfgang
2018Estimation of fading time and irradiation dose in thermoluminescence dosimetry using uni- and multivariate analysis techniquesKröninger, Kevin; Theinert, Robert; Rhode, Wolfgang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 48