Experimentelle Physik IV : [43]


Experimente am CERN (NOMAD, ATLAS, HARP), Siliziumdetektorentwicklung

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Measurement of the top quark mass in topologies enhanced with single top quarks produced in the t-channel using flavour tagging and a neural network with ATLAS data at √s = 8TeVKlingenberg, Reiner; Esch, Hendrik; Wagner, Wolfgang
2014-07-11Material screening by means of low-level gamma ray spectrometry with the Dortmund Low Background HPGe FacilityGößling, Claus; Neddermann, Till; Zuber, Kai
2014-06-10Investigation of radiation damage in n+-in-n planar pixel sensors for future ATLAS pixel detector upgradesGößling, Claus; Rummler, André; Klingenberg, Reiner
2014-05-07Measurement of the mass of the top quark using the transverse decay length and lepton transverse momentum techniquesKlingenberg, Reiner; Jung, Christian; Brock, Ian C.
2013-06-04Slim edge studies, design and quality control of planar ATLAS IBL pixel sensorsGößling, Claus; Wittig, Tobias; Rhode, Wolfgang
2012-11-13Sensitivity studies of CdZnTe semiconductor detectors for the COBRA experimentGößling, Claus; Köttig, Tobias; Zuber, Kai
2012-02-29Development and operation of a testbeam setup for qualification studies of ATLAS pixel sensorsGößling, Claus; Rhode, Wolfgang; Troska, Georg
2011-09-20Exploration of new data acquisition and background reduction techniques for the COBRA experimentGößling, Claus; Schulz, Oliver; Zuber, Kai
2011-08-05B-Tagging calibration at the ATLAS experimentGößling, Claus; Hirsch, Florian; Rhode, Wolfgang
2009-10-21T09:38:17ZInvestigations on the decay length method for the measurement of the top quark mass at the Atlas experimentKlingenberg, Reiner; Walbersloh, Jörg; Spaan, Bernhard
2008-12-18T11:35:24ZConstruction of a low background facility for the COBRA experiment and its performanceZuber, K.; Münstermann, Daniel; Gößling, C.
2008-04-15T11:53:01ZLadungsträgerverlust in strahlengeschädigten SiliziumsensorenGößling, C.; Weber, Jens; Rhode, W.
2008-03-18T09:21:58ZCommissioning perspectives for the ATLAS Pixel DetectorGößling, C.; Dobos, Daniel; Klingenberg, R.
2006-12-01T11:19:56ZThe ATLAS pixel sensorGößling, Claus; Klaiber-Lodewigs, Jonas M.; Buchholz, Peter
2005-07-05T09:26:36ZDetermination of the Half Lives of Rare Decays of Cd, Te and Zn Isotopes for the COBRA ExperimentZuber, Kai; Kiel, Henning; Gößling, Claus
2005-02-17ATLAS Pixel Module - der Aufbau und deren Tests im Labor und im PionenstrahlGößling, Claus; Mass, Martin; Klingenberg, Reiner
2004-08-10Charge collection in irradiated silicon detectorsGößling, Claus; Krasel, Olaf; Rhode, W.
2004-03-31Particle production yields induced by multi-GeV protons on nuclear targetsGößling, Claus; Großheim, Alexander; Zuber, Kai
2004-02-04Entwicklung und Evaluation eines realen-internetgesteuerten Experimentes für verschiedene AnfängerpraktikaPflug, A.; Borowski, Andreas; Gößling, Claus
2001-11-12Characterisation of ionisation induced surface effects for the optimisation of silicon detectors for particle physics applicationsGößling, Claus; Wüstenfeld, Jens; Lindström, J. L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 43