Theoretische Physik III : [21]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Standard Model extensions with neutral leptonsPäs, Heinrich; Döring, Dominik; Hiller, Gudrun
2021Baryogenesis originating from lepton number violation induced by right-handed Majorana neutrinosPäs, Heinrich; Zeißner, Sinan; Stamou, Emmanuel
2020Dark matter models: the neutrino and flavor portalsPäs, Heinrich; Becker, Mathias; Hiller, Gudrun
2017-05-11Blind spots for direct detection with simplified DM models and the LHCChoudhury, Arghya; Kowalska, Kamila; Roszkowski, Leszek; Sessolo, Enrico Maria; Williams, Andrew J.
2019Searches for new physics with neutrino oscillations in the high precision eraPäs, Heinrich; Sicking, Philipp; Hiller, Gudrun
2016A model-building approach to the origin of flavorPäs, Heinrich; Schumacher, Erik; Hiller, Gudrun
2014Neutrino masses and flavor symmetriesPäs, Heinrich; Pidt, Daniel; Hiller, Gudrun
2013-03-19Fourth generation neutrinos and neutrino induced hadron production in the resonance regionPäs, Heinrich; Schalla, Dario; Paschos, Emmanuel A.
2013-02-22Enlarged Higgs sectors as a window into flavor symmetric theories beyond the standard model of particle physicsPäs, Heinrich; Leser, Philipp; Hiller, Gudrun
2012-11-02Ensembles, altered dispersion relations and CPT violation in neutrino oscillations and charged lepton decaysPäs, Heinrich; Hollenberg, Sebastian; Hiller, Gudrun
2012-07-16The decays ¯B → ¯K (∗)ℓ+ℓ− at low recoil and their constraints on new physicsHiller, Gudrun; Dyk, Danny van; Päs, Heinrich
2008-11-26T14:04:47ZFlavor physicsHiller, Gudrun; Piranishvili, Giorgi; Paschos, Emmanuel
2007-12-13T15:13:32ZStar products and geometric algebraHirshfeld, A. C.; Henselder, Peter; Reuter, M.
2007-06-25T14:12:46ZFalse vacuum decay with quantum back-reactionBaacke, J.; Kevlishvili, Nina; Covi, I.
2007-04-23T14:14:11ZLeptogenesis in the superstring inspired E 6 modelPaschos, E. A.; Kartavtsev, Alexander; Klinkhamer, F.
2007-03-06T12:31:36ZChiral symmetry restoration in quantum field theories at finite temperatureBaacke, J.; Michalski, Stefan; Rischke, D.
2005-06-28Quantum fluctuations and cosmic inflationBaacke, J.; Heinen, Andreas; Schwarz, D.
2002-06-17Neutrino interactions and nuclear effects in oscillation experiments and the nonperturbative dispersive sector in strong (quasi-)Abelian fieldsPaschos, Emmanuel A.; Yu, Ji-Young; Petcov, S. T.
2002-03-20The Poisson-sigma modelHirshfeld, Allen C.; Schwarzweller, Thomas; Strobl, Thomas
2002-01-30Phenomenological aspects of Majorana neutrino mass matricesPaschos, Emmanuel A.; Rodejohann, Werner; Grimus, W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21