Authors: Vargas Trevino, Andrea del Rocio
Title: Determination of the energy scale uncertainty for the measurement of F2 at low values of Q2 using the H1 detector
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Systematic studies for the measurement of the cross section measurement of the ep -> e'X reaction and for the extraction of the proton structure function F2(x,Q2) are performed. The data sample analyzed has a luminosity of 450 nb sup(-1) and corresponds to a special data taking period taken in the year 2000, where the interaction point of the ep scattering was moved from its nominal position. In order to minimize the total systematic error of the measurement, detailed studies concerning the calibration of the main calorimeters of the H1 detector are required. Such studies and their influence on the cross section measurement are the main subject of the thesis. The kinematic region of the measurement has values of 9.5 x 10 sup(-6) < x < 8.0 10x sup(-3) and 0.2 < Q2 < 3.5 GeV2 and extends the kinematic coverage of the previous shifted vertex analysis based on data taken by the H1 detector in the year 1995. Also, the total systematic error is significantly reduced in comparison to the previous shifted vertex analysis.
Subject Headings: Proton structure function
H1 detector
Particle detector
Cross section measurement
Issue Date: 2006-09-27T14:21:11Z
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