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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-23The impact of speed-accuracy instructions on spatial congruency effectsHeuer, Herbert; Wühr, Peter
2023Improving the skills of forest harvester operatorsRinkenauer, Gerhard; Dreger, Felix; Krems, Josef F.
2023-09-21Anxiety in response to the climate and environmental crises: validation of the Hogg Eco-Anxiety Scale in GermanyHeinzel, Stephan; Tschorn, Mira; Schulte-Hutner, Michael; Schäfer, Fabian; Reese, Gerhard; Pohle, Carina; Peter, Felix; Neuber, Michael; Liu, Shuyan; Keller, Jan; Eichinger, Michael; Bechtoldt, Myriam
2023Reziproke Zusammenhänge zwischen elterlichen Bildungserwartungen, schulischer Motivation und Leistung bei Schüler*innen mit MigrationshintergrundSteinmayr, Ricarda; Michels, Josi; Heyder, Anke
2022-04-22Relative, not absolute, stimulus size is responsible for a correspondence effect between physical stimulus size and left/right responsesWühr, Peter; Richter, Melanie
2023-02-27Disentangling the contributions of repeating targets, distractors, and stimulus positions to practice benefits in d2-like tests of attentionWühr, Peter; Wühr, Bianca
2022Internal and external factors associated with preschoolers’ theory of mind performance: The role of preterm birth and group membershipZmyi, Norbert; Witt, Sarah; Seehagen, Sabine
2021Leader self-regulationHüffmeier, Joachim; Fürchtenicht, Jana S. C.; Rowold, Jens
2021-09-03Avoiding backlash or proving one’s manhood?Mazei, Jens; Bear, Julia B.; Hüffmeier, Joachim
2022Wirkung von MusikGasch, Bernd; Glöckner, Nastja; Fietze, Ingo
2020-10-23The impact of team preferences on soccer offside judgments in laypersonsWühr, Peter; Fasold, Frowin; Memmert, Daniel
2020-09-17Gender achievement gapsWorkman, Joseph; Heyder, Anke
2020-04-16When gender stereotypes get male adolescents into troubleHeyder, Anke; Hek, Margriet van; Houtte, Mieke van
2020-12-05Performance-approach goals: the operationalization makes the differenceWirthwein, Linda; Steinmayr, Ricarda
2021-02-11Effects of repeated testing in a pen-and-paper test of selective attention (FAIR-2)Wühr, Bianca; Wühr, Peter
2020-11-10Only a burden for females in math? Gender and domain differences in the relation between adolescents’ fixed mindsets and motivationHeyder, Anke; Weidinger, Anne F.; Steinmayr, Ricarda
2020-09-16Social evaluation and imitation of prosocial and antisocial agents in infants, children, and adultsVaporova, Elena; Zmyj, Norbert
2019-08-01Interrater agreement and discrepancy when assessing problem behaviors, social‐emotional skills, and developmental status of kindergarten childrenBergold, Sebastian; Christiansen, Hanna; Steinmayr, Ricarda
2018-07-03The relation of personality and intelligence - what can the Brunswik symmetry principle tell us?Kretzschmar, André; Spengler, Marion; Schubert, Anna Lena; Steinmayr, Ricarda; Ziegler, Matthias
2018-05-10Personality and intelligence interact in the prediction of academic achievementBergold, Sebastian; Steinmayr, Ricarda
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 73