Lehrstuhl Thermodynamik : [13]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-14Partitioning of water-soluble vitamins in biodegradable aqueous two-phase systemsWysoczanska, Kamila; Do, Hoang Tam; Sadowski, Gabriele; Macedo, Eugénia A.; Held, Christoph
2020-11-23In-silico screening of lipid-based drug delivery systemsBrinkmann, Joscha; Exner, Lara; Luebbert, Christian; Sadowski, Gabriele
2020-07-29Odd–even effect for efficient bioreactions of chiral alcohols and boosted stability of the enzymeBülow, Mark; Schmitz, Alexa; Mahmoudi, Termeh; Schmidt, Dana; Junglas, Fabian; Janiak, Christoph; Held, Christoph
2017-02-15Amorphous-amorphous phase separation in API/polymer formulationsLuebbert, Christian; Huxoll, Fabian; Sadowski, Gabriele
2019-11-05Experimental investigation of displacer seal geometry effects in Stirling cycle machinesSauer, Jan; Kühl, Hans-Detlev
2016-05-07Predicting the solubility of pharmaceutical cocrystals in solvent/anti-solvent mixturesLange, Linda; Heisel, Stefan; Sadowski, Gabriele
2019-10-09Catalytic low-temperature dehydration of fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using acidic deep eutectic solvents and polyoxometalate catalystsKörner, Sam; Albert, Jakob; Held, Christoph
2019-04-04Simultaneous prediction of cosolvent influence on reaction equilibrium and Michaelis constants of enzyme-catalyzed ketone reductionsWangler, Anton; Hüser, Aline; Sadowski, Gabriele; Held, Christoph
2018-02-12Standard Gibbs energy of metabolic reactions: III the 3-phosphoglycerate kinase reactionWangler, Anton; Klein-Schmidt, Christina; Sadowski, Gabriele; Held, Christoph
2018-02-07New experimental melting properties as access for predicting amino-acid solubilityHeld, Christoph; Chua, Yeong Zen; Do, Hoang Tam; Schick, Christoph; Zaitsau, Dzmitry
2016Oxalic acid – phase behavior of a cocrystal and hydrate forming componentSadowski, Gabriele; Schembecker, Gerhard; Schleinitz, Miko; Lange, Linda
2010-11-10Analyse von Verbesserungspotentialen der Gaserzeugung eines PEMFC-HausenergiesystemsKühl, Hans-Detlev; Funke, Matthias; Agar, David
2004-09-16Wärmetransformationsprozesse ohne PhasenumwandlungKühl, Hans-Detlev
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13